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Language summer camps in Poland - what is it?

language camp in Poland 2019


Are you a language passionate or maybe you feel like doing something fun and productive during the summer? Whatever are your motives, it’s always good to choose a language camp.


Language – worth using

We always complain about compulsory classes at school. It’s tiring to sit daily on the chair and listen to the teachers. We stick our noses into the books and fill the gaps in the dialogs that we don’t imagine having. The less contact we have with a real language, the more problems with communication in the language we will have.  At the same time, it’s nice to be able to communicate with others or to travel to other countries. It gives a broader perspective on the world and helps in understanding other’s points of view. Language is the window to the world and by choosing the language camp we’re opening it even wider.


Summer holidays 2019 – best choice

If the description of a bored and unmotivated student sounds familiar, you may want to choose a language camp in Poland for the summer 2019.  It is a good choice for a number of reasons. First of all, there are going to be children and teenagers from around the world. If you ever wondered how often you can see a bear  in Canada or how is it to live in Poland – your camp peers will give the answers. The language camp is the best opportunity to meet people you normally wouldn’t. The number of things you can learn from them is hard to count but also you can teach them. They are as curious about you as you are about them!

Additionally, you get a chance to learn a language. Sounds boring? No! The environment will be totally different  from that you know from school. No sitting in the closed classroom all day. During these eleven days you will take part in the fun language workshops outside, there are going to be games and competitions. It may turn out that the vacations 2018 will be the best ones in your life.

During the camp in Poland not only will you learn Polish, German or English language but also you will take part in many leisure activities. Depending on what the destination is going to be, you can either explore wild and beautiful polish mountains or relax in the waves of polish Baltic Sea. The time on the summer camp in Poland will be filled with sport, games and trips to other polish destinations. Participants can take part in art classes, sing by the fire and go crazy at the camp disco.


Language camps – unforgettable summer

The best learning summer camps in Poland are organized by the LEKTOR language school. They have showed hundreds of kids from around the world how great Poland and polish camps are. Polish, German, English or Spanish – they are not a problem anymore. Make your summer 2018 productive and unforgettable. The knowledge and new friendships will last for live. It’s worth trying- don’t you think?