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Language summer camps in Poland - Międzywodzie

obozy językowe 2021


Language summer camp for:

youth age: 15-19

children age: 8-14

Location: Międzywodzie - Baltic sea

Accommodation: Międzycechowy - holiday resort

Dates Camp for youth
Camp for children 8-14 Fee  
04.07. - 17.07.21

English, Polish


PLN 1970 Booking
18.07. - 31.07.21 English, Spanish English,
PLN 1970 Booking
01.08. - 14.08.21 English, German English,
PLN 1970 Booking


kolonie i obozy
English language camp
English language camp


Camp for youth 40 lessons (3 hours in the morning + workshops)    
Camp for children 30 lessons (2 hours in the morning + workshops)

  • language workshops including language simulations, films, conversations
  • interesting teaching materials and audiovisual teaching aids
  • LEKTOR Vocabulary Training – a unique system designed for vocabulary learning
  • experienced teachers and native speakers
  • all levels above absolute beginners
  • certificate of course completion

Learn English, German, Spanish or Polish online before the camp

Free time activities:

  • full day trip to Międzyzdroje and Wolin National Park
  • excursion to Dziwnów and boat trip
  • sports: swimming in the sea, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, unihockey
  • evening activities: language quizzes and games, contests, discos
  • specialized activities: visual art, music and theatre, foreign language orienteering
  • bonfire with sausage roast
  • a camp photo diary for every participant (to download

Optional programme:

Windsurfing lessons
6 hours of windsurfing lessons with an instructor at Resko Lake in Dźwirzyno. The fee includes equipment hire (excluding wetsuit).
Cost: PLN 250

Adrenaline hunters
6 hours various trainings with instructors including: paintball, shooting with ASG weapons, canoeing expedition
Cost: 250 PLN

You can take part only in one type of sport programme.

Optional trip to Tropical Islands in Berlin
full day stay in Tropical Islands offering a sandy beach with palms, jungle, Laguna Bali – wave pool, underground water slides, tropical forest, caves, waterfalls and many other attractions!
Valid passport required.
Cost of the trip: PLN 250 + EUR 45

Optional trip to Copenhagen
full day stay in Copenhagen including the statue of The Little Mermaid, Changing the Guard, the Marble Church, Strøget - longest pedestrian street of northern Europe, Andersen's statue. A cruise of the Copenhagen’s canals
Valid passport required.
Cost of the trip: PLN 300 + 
EUR 10

Optional trip to Legoland

Full day stay in Legoland offering: Miniland - the whole world in miniature and the delight of famous buildings, capitals, small cities and exciting places built out of more than 20 million LEGO® bricks, more than 50 exciting rides. Imagination Zone, Adventure Land, Knights' Kingdom, Vikings River Splash, Pirate Land etc.

Cost of the trip: PLN  300 + EUR 45

You can take part only in one optional trip.

How to book language camps in Poland 

Online booking

Please fill in the form only if you are absolutely decided to take part in LEKTOR’s language camps Within the 24 hours we would confirm whether there are places available. After receipt of the confirmation it is necessary to:

Fill in on line and later send by post:

Enrollment form (contract)  (signed by the parents)

Test - English - youth Online Download
Test - German - youth Online Download
Test - English - children aged 8-9   Download
Test - English  - children aged 10-14 Online Download
Test - German - children aged 10-14   Download

Read please:

Terms & conditions-language-camps


letnie obozy i kolonie językowe w Międzywodziu


Międzycechowy holiday resort  situated in Międzywodzie  It is famous for having one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches on the coast. The local landscape features an attractive pine forest and sand. Facilities:

  • ensuite 3 - and 4 - bed rooms with full board
  • classrooms
  • table tennis
  • volleyball court, football pitch








200 zł

200 zł

240 zł

240 zł

200 zł


obozy językowe nad morzem 2021
letnie obozy i kolonie językowe w Międzywodziu
obozy językowe Międzywodzie 2021